A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Angle is a personal game.


Angle is something Chalk in Rain made about ourselves.

It is our way of expressing how we feel when a certain mindset begins to control us.

It's about being honest about our anxieties.

It's to ask for understanding.

Angle is a reminder that it's ok to accept help.



  • Mouse

Angle is the tenth Chalk In Jam, a prototype built during the 28th week of 2016 by Chalk In Rain.

The purpose of No Shame Day on July 11 is to encourage more people to seek mental health treatment and tell their own stories without shame.

Chalk In Rain is:

  • Emre Deniz - @Emre_C_Deniz
  • Gerard Delaney - @verbvirus


Angle - Windows Build 27 MB
Angle - Mac Build 29 MB


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