A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A solo game of Pong drenched in the neon fallout of your sports car ruled future.

Night Pong is simplicity filtered through a bright 80s wave of neon laser electric lovin' arcade games.

  • Rotate the dual paddles like the steering in your Delorean!
  • Catch the neon globe before it escapes and send it right back where it came from!
  • Keep the volume high and the numbers rising!


  • Left Arrow - rotate counterclockwise
  • Right Arrow - rotate clockwise

Night Pong is the eighth Chalk In Jam, a prototype built during the 26th week of 2016 by Chalk In Rain.

Chalk In Rain is:

  • Emre Deniz - @Emre_C_Deniz
  • Gerard Delaney - @verbvirus

Music Credits:


Night Pong Mac Build 36 MB
Night Pong Windows Build 34 MB

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