A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Slow Clap is your chance to start something amazing. Get your timing right, let the sound of your clap ring out and then just wait and see.

Slow Clap is an attempt to recreate that feeling of being in a crowd, lost in the mass of people, and then trying to stand out by taking action. This action is not just any action, it is not the cry of a lost soul but a binding movement and something that everyone in the crowd can match and build up. It will grow and morph into the collective expression of the entire mass of people.

Your slow clap, it will be their slow clap.

It will be glorious.


  • Spacebar / C key / Click - to clap in time with the crowd. Look for the green indicator and try and keep it going.

Slow Clap is the sixth Chalk In Jam, a prototype built during the 24th week of 2016 by Chalk In Rain.

Chalk In Rain is:

  • Emre Deniz - @Emre_C_Deniz
  • Gerard Delaney - @verbvirus


Slow Clap For Mac 32 MB
Slow Clap for Windows 30 MB


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Cute game! Cute art style, cute concept, cute execution.